Friday, July 23, 2010

Eldwenne's Fantasty...

Okay so this summer and kids home from school all day thing is kicking my butt!  I did not post yesterday, I don't even know where the day went.  Good thing I don't get paid for this or I would have been fired by now for sure!

I would have posted this yesterday, had I had a moment to myself!

To Measure the Sea Necklace-- $18 <-- Awesome price I know!!

Made of glass and acrylic beads, it is secured on an elastic cord.  I have a little one with a birthday coming up, and she was born a Diva.  I just think that this is such an affordable item, that I could buy it for myself, or even my 6 year old daughter.  Regardless, I know the receipient would be pleased!
*I also wanted to note that if you go on over to and see something you like in her shop, but have another way you would like it she welcomes custom work!  Can you imagine??  Having a personal jeweler to just make you up whatever your heart desires, and at an affordable price??  It is already nearing the end of July people, start your holiday shopping now!  Stay tuned, I will be posting the giveaway in a bit!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feature: Eldwenne’s Fantasy

To those of you that have been following you know that I have been out for sometime.  Well prior to my injury, I receive a wonderful jewelry set from  The picture below is not the set I received, it is rather, another piece available for purchase in her shop today!  I still have the jewelry set and will reveal it on Friday!  Until that time, I am going to give you a weeks worth of featured items from her gorgeous shop!  Located in Jersey City, she has 100 % feedback, and fantastic customer service.  She has been very kind working with me during my health issues to provide you all with the opportunity to win a fantastic gift set from her shop!

itcamefromtheseaThis piece is entitled “It Came from the Sea”, and it is beautiful!  I love the way the blues, greens, and silver work together for this amazing set!  Priced at $65 it is on the higher end of her items in her shop, but we can certainly see why, with the beautiful combination of glass, crystal, filigree and acrylic beading.  So if you are interested in some beautiful handmade jewelry head on over to Eldwenne’s Fantasy and browse her assortment of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets!  You are sure to find something for you and everyone else you know!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer has been interesting...

Okay, yes she returns my friends, I am back!  I was out for some time over an injury that kept me from using the computer!  OH NO!!!  To anyone that has left a comment, that has gone unanswered, I truly apologize, but the Mr. has done his best trying to keep me posted on what is going on, it did appear that some of you had slipped through the cracks.  You are not alone, as the laundry did as well.....

Anyway, our summer has been crazy around here, and I am finally, 5 weeks out from school starting back.....getting a chance to update you all.  Prior to my injury, we went to San Antonio, and it was a great time.  Took the girls to Seaworld, Cruised the Riverwalk, and checked out The Alamo.  Once we got home, a freak storm came through tat week, and it knocked the tree from the front yard, onto our new truck!!

Fast forward, my injury returns,  it is a chronic muscle spasm.  In my shoulder/neck area...and the Dr. says it is brought on or worsened by get this......poor posture, and that sitting in front of the carrying Bean, sitting in front of the computer, and GASP! Sewing!!!  Well thank you Dr. dear, but that among various household chores is my life, so it has been an ongoing process of pain management.  My oldest, the Actress, she started swim lessons, and they are finally done today!!  She is a super star swimmer now, and Bean just pleads to jump into the pool and swim with her.

Now, If you have made it all the way to this point in the post....Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on....the good news, THOSE OF YOU WHO WON EARTHTOGERT GIVEAWAYS THEY ARE IN THE MAIL.

I also have a Fantastic GIVEAWAY hint, it is jewelry......So please come back if you are looking for something awesome, and I will try to please you!

Thanks again so much for sticking around, and I was just about on the verge of buying that software where you can just talk and the computer will type for you but the Mr. said I was crazy....well tell me something I don't know!