Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winners of the week!

Congratulations to all the winners of this weeks giveaways!  I decided to announce them in one post so that if you are subscribing to the feed, and hopefully you are.........I am not flooding your inbox! mini purse charm winner:
Sandy Lewand Eco-Scrubby:
Heidi Jane Blankets Lily Notecards:
Ohmillertx Eco Tote:

Congratulations to Everyone!!  Thanks so much and stay tuned for our giveaways next week!
If you could do my a huge favor, and if you won, leave a comment below with your email, this way they are all in one place I would REALLLLY appreciate it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Okay guys this is your last chance to enter the giveaways I will be drawing the winners in the morning.  Please make sure you leave a comment below each item you are entering to win from last week.  ALSO MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING MY BLOG BESTFINDSFROMETSY.BLOGSPOT.COM.  If you enter and are not following the blog, then if your name is chosen, I have to draw again.  You can make sure you are a follower by looking on the side where it says followers and finding your icon or name.  Finally,  I use to draw the winners, and you may win more than one thing, so if there are a few of them you like just enter, you never know...

Good Luck, and P.S.  I moderate the comments, so if it doesn't appear instantly I might be sewing, and PLZZZ! Leave your email address in your comment

Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats Blue Barn Quilts! You Won!

CONGRATS!  You won BlueBarnQuilts!!! Please contact me via etsy convo my seller name is xmadebymamax send me your info and I will send you your picture!  Sorry Sandy, you were 4 minutes late :(!  Thanks all I will be posting one last giveaway in the morning and then announcing all the winners Sunday morning, so if you have not entered the others you still have time!

2 hour giveaway :)!

This is a two hour giveaway.  You will have until 5pm CST to enter the giveaway by being a follower and leaving a comment below about something you love at 's shop.  We are giving away a 10"x10" Original print of Jane's photograph that is GORGEOUS!  It was taken on the Big Sur Coastline in California, and I wish I could just keep it for myself!  Thanks Jane!
I want to note that while prints are not currently available for purchase in her Etsy shop, you can also visit her at for some more of her art.  There are items available for purchase with this image, however, like the eco tote :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Birthday to our glorious Earth!  I have been out most of the day enjoying some beautiful weather with the bean :) and I had to wait to post this video, because my star was at kindergarten :)
Please enjoy her Happy Earth Day song!  and if you would like to win this fablious (Tato’s word) Organic cotton bag sells for $24, become a follower, and leave a comment below!  WINNERS ANNOUNCED TOMORROW on all giveaways, including two bonus giveaways tomorrow that will be short, so you have to come check to win!! (sign up to subscribe so you don’t miss out)!
You can also visit her store for the story behind Jane’s Original Photo on the bag as well as check out her steal of a deal Earth Day Specials including Free Scrubby with Bag Purchase and 50% Surfer Girl tote made from recycled soda bottles!  Be Kind to our Earth and your wallet!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

**GIVEAWAY!** EarthToGert!

Check these out!!  As we count down to Earth Day 2010, we have some fantastic giveaways from Jane @!  Watch the video, and head over to her shop for some more great Earth Day deals, like buy three scrubbies (feature yesterday) get 1 FREE!


MAKE SURE YOU ARE A FOLLOWER TO WIN, if I draw your name on and you are not a follower, I have to move on to the next follower!!  Don’t miss your chance because you didn’t FOLLOW through ;)


Congratulations to Vixensrhythm!  You won the covered notebook from!  Thanks so much to everyone that entered!  Make sure you are "following" the blog by selecting the follow button on the right hand side, and leave me your contact info!  Please contact me via etsy convo Vixensrhythm so that I can get your prize to you!  My etsy name is xmadebymamax :)  Video post in a few with a new giveaway!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonyas Temptations WINNER!!

Congrats to Christine Hansen!  You won the teether!  I will be emailing you shortly to gather your mailing information!

A note to everyone, please make sure you are following the blog by clicking the FOLLOW button, and then leave your comments.  The discounts are open to everyone who reads the page, but the giveaways are only open to followers.  I do not make you jump through a million hoops just to win something, but I do ask for that simple sign of support for the blog! 

Thanks so much! Another winner announced tomorrow, and another giveaway :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay so, here you go, a video!  Now I must confess I was never the girl who wanted to be a news anchor when I grew up.  DON’T JUDGE ME!!  Too harshly anyhow!  Today is the kick off of the Earth Day 2010 week of eco giveaways, and the fantastic Ms. Jane over at is the sponsor!  Go check out all her cool stuff!! And if you want this cool scrubby, follow the directions in the video :)

(HAHAHA) My attempt at a video..

okay…so I am posting a week of videos this week..

I am super camera shy and I wanted to give it a try today for a couple reasons.  1. Have been wanting to add that feature for a while.  2. sent me these adorable purses and my digital camera seems to have grown legs and walked away :) 3.  I need to make sure the camera works for tomorrow, the kick off of the Earth Day Giveaways.

This is the first cut, I am not retaping, no you will not see m today as I desparately needed to get my eyebrows groomed..HAHA!  Enjoy the video, I stutter, and I take heavy breaths, but be kind I was trying to star, direct, video, and be the lighting boom person all at the same time!

If you want to win this, please leave a comment below :)  If you think I am hilarious, LOL and enjoy your laughter!!  Replay it, and laugh some more!  Thanks so much for following me, hopefully you are still following for the rest of the week as we are doing a week of EARTH DAY GIVEAWAYS!! WOOO HOOO!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

VIDEO this week...

So I wanted to let you all know that one of our previous featured sellers, EarthtoGert, who is passionate about Earth Day, has sent me a sampler of the items in her shop to give away!  Yipee!!!  I figured this would be a spectacular excuse for me to introduce myself via video :)  I have been wanting to add a video feature on the blog for a while but I have been extremely camera I have heard, NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!  So I will be posting a video feature of the items by Tuesday (if the family cooperates) and then we will be giving her items away all week!  So please stay tuned, and let me know what you think of the video after it is posted!
P.S. New Giveaway will be posted tomorrow morning :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday TGIF!!

Okay Followers, I am not sure how many of you know this, but I actually have my own etsy store and I have been neglecting it very much so lately.  In fact, neglecting my creative soul entirely.  I am going to take charge today and work on some of my own stuff, and get my store updated so maybe I can make some $$ :)  I hope you are not disappointed that there is not a giveaway today...there is ALWAYS tomorrow, so make sure you come back then to check out what I have going the mean time, you can check out what I made in the weee hours last night by going over here

Thursday, April 15, 2010

***Giveaway*** Thursday Madness Take Two! BlueBarnQuilts!

Okay Followers…who noticed I had the day wrong yesterday?!?!  Please by all means correct me!  Thus is the life of a SAHM, our days bleed together liked the skinned knees off a playground.  Today I am throwing in another giveaway from a fantastically patient and loyal follower who also happens to be an Estyian!  And to my delight a Texan :)  So stop on by Sara’s shop,, and see all the goodness she has going!  With her first love of quilts, she makes some beautiful table toppers, but it does not stop there!  She also crochets, something that I have never been able to figure out, it has frustrated me to the point of no end where like playing a musical instrument, I have realized, we are all given gifts, and mine certainly is not either!  Today, however, I am offering to you her adorable fabric covered mini notebooks!  They are perfect to have in the purse, or car, and by the phone.  I have been trying to coupon very seriously lately and I would use mine for writing down my shopping trips!
They are, like most items I feature, priced perfectly @ $2.50 a piece!  And the most fantastic thing might just be, when you are finished with the notebook it comes with you can easily pick up a replacement at your local office supply store!  So I encourage all of my followers to stop by and check out Sara, the mother, the Texan, the Etsyian @ also check them out of facebook and see all of her great stuff today! And, If you want to win this little beauty, just leave me a comment below with what you are going to use it for and please remember to include your email address or a point of contact so I can find you when you win!! Don’t be greedy, share this with your friends on facebook!  If I spot that you shared using the link to the side, I will give you an extra entry!  Drawing will be in one week so keep coming back! Happy Thursday Take Two!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

***GIVEAWAY***Why Thursday?! TonyasTemptations!

Okay so I have been MIA again for a slight hiatus and truthfully this time I have no one to blame but myself.  The weather has been wonderful here and I have been enjoying that....Also I feel like I have always had a problem when it comes to success..Not that I am not successful by any means followers, rather, that when I am on the brink of getting something I have worked hard for I get distracted and falter.
So that has nothing to do with today's feature at all :) 
However, I do have something that does directly relate.  I have a 16m toddler named Bean and she is into everything recently!  We have for her safety and our sanity moved her to a toddler bed, and that has given her more freedom then she knows what to do with.  I go to get her from her nap one afternoon last week to discover that Bean moonlights as a wood chuck!  Yes, my daughter, sweet and adorable, well fed and healthy, has been secretly chomping away at all things wood in her room!  She has two, I am no liar!  TWO GIANT Totes of every toy a toddler could want and she insists on eating the window sill, the bed, and the baby gate.  AAAH!
So the funny part, and I promise there is a light at the end of this tunnel is that there is a huge 3" chunk I mean you would have thought there was a teething puppy in there, out of the window sill, and then set almost to ironic perfection there was her plastic teether, you know, the kind with water, well it was sitting right there on the window sill unscathed.
I need to find that lady who I had spoken to before about those wooden teethers she makes because obviously my daughter demands the highest quality wood my money can buy!  I give you followers who may have wood chucks of your own,!
Tonya is a SAHM of 3 in MA, and she knows her business!  She makes the most adorable wooden/fabric/sensory hybrid teethers I have seen out there and you have a chance to win one!

Pictured below, they are made from a wonderful mix of textures--
Natural, kiln dried maple wooden ring adorned with eye-catching fabrics and those ribbons that babies love to teeth on! Each one is one of a kind and they are priced perfectly at $8.50!  I will tell you that even if I bought four of these that is cheaper than the fix I am going to have to do in Bean's quarters!  Head over to and check out all of her amazing things!  And fan her on Facebook If you would like a chance to win one of these teethers please leave a comment below telling me who you know that needs it (please include your email address so that I may contact you once you have one)!  I will announce the winner on Tuesday!!   ALSO AS A SPECIAL TREAT IF YOU MENTION BFFE IN COVO PRIOR TO CHECK OUT SHE IS GIVING 15% ANY INSTOCK OR CUSTOM ORDER!!  Thanks Tonya!