Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning is coming...this year do it Eco Friendly!

So with the change in weather slowly knocking on my door, tapping at the window, beckoning me to open and let the fresh air in, I know this can only mean one thing.  Spring.  And with the change in seasonss comes the annual cleaning out and refreshing.  Maybe I was in the cleaning mood when I pounced upon, but I discovered the most fantastic little scrubbies.  She makes them by hand and they are durable to scrub the most difficult stains from your kitchen to your bathroom without scratching or damaging your precious wares.  So all scrubbies can scrub, but the Eco-Scrubby is Machine Washable!  That is right, when it gets too dirty for a rinse, you simply toss it in the washer, and let it air dry!
They come in bright colors, that may just for a second, have you forgeting you are cleaning!  Priced perfectly at $3.75 each, she offers a 3 year warranty on each Eco-Scrubby, testifying that she has used her own personal one for 5 years!  Why not get a few, color code them for kitchen and bathrooms??  I wonder if you could even use them on the car??  At she also offers discounts when you purchase more than one, or discounted shipping, just read the listing prior to purchase, and she is always happy to receive convos with larger orders or requests.  While you are over there check out her really cute "Surfer Girl Bag" too!  Made from recycled soda bottles, you can be practial, fashionable, and eco-friendly!