Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning = Green Cleaning!

Oh me oh my!  Have you had enough yet?  I am trying to work out the calendar to make this blog ever so efficient!  So I though if we maintained an over all theme each week, it would stream line things.  If you like it leave some feedback, if you like it better the old way, please leave that feedback to!  This is your blog, I am only useful if you read me :)
That being said, today I feature a crafting mother after my own heart!  She sews, check......she is frugal, check....and apparently has the same attitude as I do when it comes to's the inevitable so you might as well make it fun!  Over at, she is making "fun" of chores!  As her story goes, she inherited a swiffer wet jet...yes inherited...because she is frugal see, and would never replace her mop for something that seems more costly...I too inherited my wetjet HA!  And then...She discovered that while they are an excellent tool for quick clean ups and perticularly fantastic when you need to do it quickly...they too have a DIRTY secret!  The stinkin' refills for the wipey pad thingy are soooo expensive!  Not only that, but I have never been able to resue them a second time, why would you want to rub your old dirt around while trying to pick up the new dirt???  Enter todays featured item...
WASHABLE REUSABLE (ECOFRIENDLY) WET JET PADS!  How fantastic are these??!?!  I know that like Sarah, I spent many uncatergorized minutes contemplating how to make my own, because that is just how I roll.  But unlike Wondermom, Sarah has gotten the job done!  Just $8 these little cuties will last you well over the box they sell at the store!  Plus, once you dirty them, toss them in a wash, and dry for next time.  Sarah at says you can either machine dry or hang dry, but I would say hang dry with the whole "green" movement I am trying to push.  Besides you have a back up one, and who is going to wait until you NEED to do the floor to wash them??  She has other fantastic cleaning solutions so be sure to check out her store.  AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR BFFE FOLLOWERS...USE CODE BFFE AT CHECKOUT FOR $1 SHIPPING FROM NOW THROUGH THE END OF MARCH!  Thanks Sarah!  Keep it Green and Clean!


  1. What an awesome idea! I wish I could be so creative

  2. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? :) I'm definitely checking these out!