Friday, March 12, 2010

I Saved the best for last...Laundry!

Okay so...Laundry is a dirty word in my house.  People scatter when anyone dares to drop the L word like that.  I have tried to make my own laundry soap time and time again.  I would recommend trying to anyone.  I would also recommend that you purchase some homemade soap from someone else if you are not very ambitious!  Here is!  She makes the most fantastic dirty scrubbing vegan laundry soap in Kentucky, and possibly the universe!  Her soap is eco friendly, and doesnt have all of those chemicals found in store bought soap.  Yes, they linger, on your skin, on your children's skin...eeewww... I know!  I am featuring the Lime Vanilla Sugar scented Eco Friendly Vegan Laundry Soap.  This one bag can do up to 30 Large loads of laundry!
Yes!  You can use it in your HE Front Loading washer!  YES!  You can use it in cold water!  Yes!  It smells good, but she also offers unscented!  And Yes!  It is super affordable at $7 a bag!  It takes just a tablespoon to do your whole load of laundry (teaspoon in HE)!  Go by, and do something good for your family and good for the environment!

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  1. Thanks so very much for featuring my laundry detergent! Your a doll!