Thursday, March 18, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** Something for the four-legged followers!

A Big Good Day to you all!  I am celebrating Spring Break with the family, and we have had a great time so far!  Today I am featuring something for man's best friend!  Want to win something for your pup's Easter basket?! is a fantastic shop full of soaps for you and your doggies!  Vegan soap that keeps your dog shiny and repels those pesky fleas and MOSQUITOES!  There, I said it!  We all know they are coming!  As soon as the weather gets beautiful and you want to play outside all day those ugly bugs are out to have a buffet on you and your doggie!
Each bar of soap is a minimum of 5 ounces and priced oh sooooo nice at just $4.25!  They use essential oils to make it smell super good to us, but keep the fleas and mosquitoes at bay.  You can check out the other HUMAN friendly soaps they have to offer as well!  Just head over to and get clean....I also loooove that she has the ingredients of her soaps listed, so if you have a allergy there is no guess work!  IF YOU WANT TO WIN THIS BAR OF SOAP FOR YOUR POOCH, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SATURDAY MORNING!
**also a note...the comments are moderated on the site, so if you do not see your post immediately it is not neccessary to leave it again, I am probably just changing a diaper or sewing or something, and will post your comment asap :)


  1. I hope I win this as we have had a problem with fleas lately and I haven't been able to find anything that works. But if I don't win then I think I will try it anyway!

  2. I want to win :)

  3. I just got the soap and I cannot wait to try it. If it works you will have a customer for life. Thank you so much!