Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Sexy While You Scrub!

So to go with the Spring cleaning theme, I was searching for some aprons today when I found www.loverdoversclothing.etsy.com!  She has the cutest orignal designs in everything from adorable princess dresses for little girls, pinocchio outfits for little boys, to retro aprons for mom!  Nothing gets me excited about doing housework, but if there were something that were gonna do it, it might just be dressing up in this little apron...a throwback to the icecream parlors of the Fifties, the aqua against the red and white stripes screams fun to me!  I especially love her attention to detail with the added rickrack and lace!
Priced oh soooo nice at $30, I think I would even be happy to get it as a gift from my husband!  You don't have to only clean in it!  You can bake or prep dinner!  Or you could even do one of my favorites, put it on, bust out the febreeze (although I make my own, just ask for the recipe) and spray every surface in the house....takes about 20 mins and as long as it smells fresh, they don't realy notice that BabyWonder has about 30 cheerios at any given time under her highchair!  Drop on by www.loverdoversclothing.etsy.com, browse her lovely originals, and support a homegrown crafter!  Make sure you check out her blog at http://www.loverdoversclothing.blogspot.com/!

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