Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday's feature....DRAMA!!

Okay, so I am writing an apology to you all for not having a feature up today.  I was at a car dealership for about 7 hours trying to get a car problem taken care of :(   Good news!  It is solved....Bad News.....I did not get to feature today.  As a result, I will feature them tomorrow, and everyone who has been given a feature date will have to be bumped around.  I am very sorry, but I think it is the only fair thing to do.  I could post now, but then they would not be getting a full days feature and I want to make it equal.  Thanks to all of my followers for understanding and look for tomorrow (ps there is a free giveaway!)
XOXO Wondermom


  1. Sorry you had such a bad day - hope all things are very much improved now and so happy you got the car issue resolved. Hope you are able to sit down and relax a bit tonight and put your tired feet up or better yet that you have someone to give them a good ole rub.

  2. ahhh thanks! It is much better now :)