Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday...Love is in the Bottle??

It is almost Valentine's Day Followers...and while I have tried not to over load the blog with hearts and I could not resist this unique gift.  It is the 2 My Love/Love Letter Bottle.  Want one??  Head on over to and see all of the variety he has to offer.  Pictured below is his handcrafted recycled wine bottle has the words " 2 MY LOVE " sandblasted on the face of the bottle. It includes an 8 1/2" by 11" parchment paper Blank LOVE LETTER  for you to transcribe your personal message to your loved one.
Alright kiddos, you know I would not be featuring this if it wasn't at a fantastic price point, just $30 with shipping to the US FREE!!  And if you are wondering why you shouldn't just down your own bottle of wine and get the glass etching paste out, I say unto thee...For one, it is only 7:55am a little early for my wine thank you very much, and two, Ross uses a sandblasting technique that has a more finished look.  So go on over to and check out all of his work, including vases and mirrors as well!  Please don't be thrown off by his no feedback, he has had his shop since November 2009, and like most of us have he is probably just waiting for that first internet sale, to give him the feedback he deserves!  Ross would like to offer an exclusive discount to our follower, use coupon code BFFE in convo prior to checkout and get your 10% discount!  Have a happy Thursday, Wondermom is awaiting the arrival of her mom :) and baby sis!

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