Monday, February 8, 2010

Spotted! Check out these AMAZING PHOTO PRINTS!

So, I must confess some of the items I find on Etsy, are not from me spending countless hours pouncing undiscovered shops.  And, as the BFFE grows, I get some people through refferal, so if you have someone you heart, please send me a private convo @ xmadebymamax.  But, I have alos been "fishing" for great finds via their alchemy request feature.  Now some of these expeditions, like fishing in real life bring no reward at all (sorry to admit it, but it is true, not all crafters were created equally, and some are not up to the standard I want to show you here on my blog.)  However, there are some pretty amazing catches I make and is one such catch!  She is an avid follower of the blog, but also a true creative mastermind :)  Finding words throughout our daily life, the joyful, the mundane, she captures them and sheds an entirely new light on the everyday beauty that surrounds us.  Pictured below is a set of five 4" by 6" prints and she will let you use any letters you choose, priced at $15, you simply could not DIY for less!  Okay so if you honestly think that is too much I encourage you to go hunting through your town for all of the letters you are looking for, cost of paper and ink, and then...when you have spent $50, you will be wishing you had just heeded my advice :)

She offers notecards as well and due to the nature of her medium will pretty much welcome any custom order you are looking for.  Check out her blog at!   What a fantastic house warming gift for a new home buyer, or a unique gift for your boss or teacher.  Why are you still reading my ramblings??  If you have not gone over to yet you need to go ahead, but please mention coupon code BFFE prior to checkout for an exclusive followers discount of 10% from now through 6/30/2010!

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