Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something Off the Wall! Angelshair gives us the unusually beautiful...

Okay Followers, today I give you a creative crafter out of Brooklyn, NY.  Miriam from www.angelshair.etsy.com has so many neat items in her shop!  Originally, I was going to feature one of her prints...but today when I was looking over her items, to get just the right picture, I noticed she had posted NEW STUFF!  So, also in keeping up my ongoing effort not to be repetitive, I have chosen to feature this quirky little Wall hanged photo display....perfect for your photos you all bought yesterday...:) see you are learning!  Pictured below is her red one, but she has other colors too.  While all her items are handmade, there are still standard measurements, and those are approximately 16" high by 10" wide, and holds 9 photos.
Priced at $27 it would be the perfect addition to any family room, or college dorm.  I also thought it would be fantastic for the holidays to display all of those holiday cards you get!  Don't just sit them on the counter to clutter your house...display them and honor the thoughtfulness and time someone put into sending it to you!  Go on over to www.angelshair.etsy.com and check out all her cool stuff...I also happen to like the earring trees she does, they have a similar look to the wire work on the wall, but also functional...OH how I LOVE FUNCTIONAL ART!  Have a VERY Happy Tuesday, I am off to plan my GS Meeting :)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work!! I feel really touched by your kindness, and nice words. It is really nice of you to take the time to feature our work. I wish a long and prosperous life to your blog!!!

  2. Wow, thats an amazingly cool way to display those random photos we all having laying around that we love but have no room or time to place in frames. This way, they can be placed up on the display with others and thats it! Someone like myself who has lots of photos around of family and pets, etc. this could be the solution!
    Plus, I know Miriam from blogger for quite a while, and she is the nicest and sweetest.
    Great person and item to feature.