Monday, February 15, 2010

Jwhiz! Awesome Crochet Play Food YUMMMMY!

Happy Monday Followers!  Nothing like a little child's play to start the week off right!  Today I am featuring , she makes jewelry and crochet items.  The play food set featured below is my favorite!  It has a total of 32 pieces of adorable play food for your little one!  The set includes some bread, grapes, jelly swatch, pb swatch, eggplant, lemon, and many more!  She uses both acrylic and cotton yarn, and is happy to answer any questions you amy have.
Priced at $68, she is at the higher end of the price scale, but, unlike those plastic foods and paper boxes you can get from a retail store these items will last a very long time and do not easily succomb to the ravenous teeth of your toddler.  And for our Followers, if you contact her prior to checkout in an Etsy convo and use coupon code BFFE she will sell it to you for $60 or add some extras to the package your wish, WHAT A DEAL!?  So whether it is play food or a pair of fingerless arm warmers, then has you covered!
***She Just contacted me with another offer...she would like to also extend an offer for 5% other items in her store excluding PIFs by BFFE code convo prior to checkout :) Thanks!!

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