Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Friday! Let loose and have some wine...make sure you are drinking from your glass!

Check out this creative wine charms from ! Her motto, Rethink, Reuse, Repurpose...I love it!  While she carries everything from domino coasters to typerwriter key earrings, her vision is simple.  Don't throw away something, find a way to make it into something new, something beautiful, something unique.  Now there are a plethora of Etsians out there with this very same mantra, but rbdesign was doing something different..not using the scrabble tiles to cover up into necklace charms, but reusing them and keeping their natural beauty...
The charms pictured above are priced fantastically frugal at a mere $14.  What a great housewarming gift, or gift for your favorite wine lover.  Imagine your next wine tasting party, what a wonderful icebreaker they could be.  Stop on over to and see all of the repurposed things she has to offer, please do keep in mind that a custom order is always available, especially if you ware looking for specific letters (for example initials of a bride and groom), a custom piece is only a short convo away!


  1. Hi, these are so pretty and my sister and brother-n-law both love wine and scrabble but I am sorry to say I don't know what a wine charm is - could you please instruct me so if I decide to buy some I know what they are used for. Thanks from clueless!

  2. OK so I decided to just go look it up myself like a good little student and saw how the charms are used - what a WONDERFUL idea! Thanks for sharing this with us! I now have rbdesign as a favorite!