Thursday, February 4, 2010

**GIVEAWAY**! Sweet coasters for you or them!

Okay, first....THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING that life happens and I am now a day behind, my sincerest apologies, however, this is a one woman show, and if that woman is say...fighting a car dealership all day, while wrangling a 15 month old...then it just has to stop and wait for me to come back....

That being gift to you!  Since June 2009, they have been bringing their unique style to etsy with the gorgeous papercrafts and COASTERS!  On this gloomy Thursday, I am bringing to you, a FREE set of her beautiful coasters.  Pictured below is the actual set you will win, but I encourage you to check out her store and see some of the 96 sets she has to offer.  Everyone could use a set of coasters, and these are unique and modern. favoirte part, as you all should know by now, they are priced just right at $10!  What a steal!

She carries all sorts of patterns to choose from!  Do you love birds....dogs.....or flowers?? She has that for you!  Looking for something for him?? She has that too!!  So please stop on by and make sure you pick up a matching card for the set!!  To enter for the giveaway, just leav a comment below today's post and the drawing will be held on Saturday morning, winner posted then so please come back to see if you've won!


  1. What do we have to do to sign up? I like the Retro Love Birds, they're cute!!!

  2. LOVE them & they would match my family room perfectly!

  3. you just signed up! I don't like making you jump through hoops follow my tweets etc...just comment and tell me you love them! SIMPLE :)

  4. These are adorable....I need to have them~!