Friday, February 12, 2010

FUN FRIDAY! Today...thestudentcorner!

Okay Followers!!  Happy Friday!  I do want to say my mom got stuck in Dallas last night...snow fi you can believe it!  I left NJ for Texas so I could get away from it and it is a cool 41' and windy out... But enough about me.
Today I am so proud to feature some student artists.  At, students are able to showcase and even sell their artwork, while this allows them the opportunity to express themselves artistically, it is also a learning tool for them.  Their tutor is also able to show them how to use business skills and computer skills.  What a FANTASTIC IDEA!  Now the artists range in age from 9 to 13 and they have a variety of items.  All the money that they make from selling their items on Etsy goes back to the kids to purchase new art supplies!  Below you will see a little bit of a different format, as I wanted to showcase each child's art, we will have four photos today :)

From Top Left: Keeliana (9yo) wants to spread joy with this drawing, Be Happy.  Super sweet she is jumping for joy!  You can score a free .pdf of this one just by sending a convo on etsy to and mention the Be Happy BFFE .pdf Top Right: Soleil a fairy that loves bathing in the sun, joy, and relaxtaion.  She was created by Nalani 13yo.  Middle:  Cotton Candy Knitted Hat (model's head is 20") created by Sierra 13yo.  Bottom: Leader Wars Game, drawn and created by Kyle (13yo) with instructions, gameboard, and dice.  The students that run this store are both homeschooled and some public school, they enjoy a variety of activities as you can see, and their tutor runs a blog where you can see more at where Shawna has posted cool projects and activites you can do at home with your kids!  Thanks so much kids for your fantastic artwork it is an inpiration to us all!

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  1. I LOVE this! What a great idea for a shop! I will definitely be checking this one out. Thanks for sharing!