Monday, February 1, 2010

February is Love, and I Love these Birds!

As we count down to Valentine's Day, I say lets think outside the box a little, and today we are thinking outside the ice box!  I offer up for your shopping pleasure a suitible gift for anyone.  That being said, if this is what you get you "Valentine" there should probably be a little more to the gift!  Because while I do love these Bird Love Magnets from, I personally don't go directly to magnets for Valentine's Day!  That being said, these little cuties would be a sweet gift for a grandma, teacher, or co-worker!  They help shine a little bit of that loving spirit, and are also a practical beautiful piece of art.  The creator boasts that they are truly one of a kind and each are hand painted with mixed media and the magnets are super strong!  Pictured below, I have the Bird Love Magnets Kiki and Keeta, priced at an affordable $15 for the set, they measure approximately 3" by 3".
Magnets are not the only thing holding up, a member since 2008, they have 100% positive feedback for their fantastic handmade greeting cards, and other home decor items for every occasion, and has a huge selection of Judaica!  She also has her own blog and a blog in Hebrew.  So stop over and visit her one of a kind shop filled with handpainted goodies!

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