Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is BFFE? Best Friends For Ever!

Welcome and thank you for stopping into Best Finds From Etsy.
Have you heard of this world crafting store front?  If not you need to go there www.etsy.com.  BUT FIRST, Let me help guide you to the cream of the crop.  If you have been there you have found that you could spend hours upon hours pouncing at the shops, going through the time line, or maybe even sorting through the responses of your very own alchemy request.  All of these shopping options, provided by Etsy.com are AWESOME.  And I do reccommend you try them out.  So why are you here?  Well, here I will feature a fanastic showcase for you.  A showcase of hand picked shops for everyone in your family.  Are you looking for some new undies?  We will help you find them!  Getting married and needing a fantastic custom tried and true graphic designer?  Done!  Basically, this is my little project, part of a New Year's resolution, and my way of paying it forward to my fellow crafters :)  Please join me....follow me...there is strength in numbers!  I will also get one of the shops featured each week to do a giveaway to one of our followers!  So you can win, just by following!  Please understand that I am getting this together now, and the first showcase will be up by this weekend :)
Greatfully yours,

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