Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Fun Day! WickedGoodKnits has our little melons covered!

Happy Sunday, I know what you are thinking....ugh tomorrow is to the grind... BUT forget the grind and check out the Rind!! Go on over to, check out her shop and knits for the whole family!  Today I am  featuring the adorable watermelon sunhat!  Protect your baby's melon with a melon!  Pictured below, she hand knits it from 100% cotton yarn, and everything she does in "in house".  The hat below is for 12months and priced at $20, but she is happy to offer other sizes....just in case you want one to match!
Watermelon is not the only fruit in her basket, she also has strawberry hats, and I bet she could easily do a pumpkin, when their in season of course!  Head on over to and find something fantastic for your baby, your big girl, your husband, or yourself!  She is price very competitively and will gladly whip up a custom order!


  1. Awe so adorable, I wouldn't have anyone to give this too but it is soooo cute! I will have to look at the site for something bigger!

  2. These hats are amazing! Beautiful work!