Monday, January 25, 2010

For Him...RECYCLURES...TeddMcdonah has me HOOKED!

Good Monday to you!  Today I am excited to feature another item focusing on the "Go Green" movement!  His original series of reclaimed materials turned useful. While they are only intended for display. He has comprised them of preprinted steel and copper.  For a long lasting display the elements of the piece are spray-sealed separately and then riveted together with copper rivets!  I don't know a fisherman who wouldn't love to proudly display it!  Please go to and check them out!

The price for this one is $40, but it is a fantastic work of art!  And I love that he uses recycled metals!  Not to worry, if your fisherman is not a drinker, he also has soda cans, mint cans, and christmas tins to choose from.  Thank you for your unique craftsmanship, BFFE appreciates the nostalgic charm!

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