Friday, July 23, 2010

Eldwenne's Fantasty...

Okay so this summer and kids home from school all day thing is kicking my butt!  I did not post yesterday, I don't even know where the day went.  Good thing I don't get paid for this or I would have been fired by now for sure!

I would have posted this yesterday, had I had a moment to myself!

To Measure the Sea Necklace-- $18 <-- Awesome price I know!!

Made of glass and acrylic beads, it is secured on an elastic cord.  I have a little one with a birthday coming up, and she was born a Diva.  I just think that this is such an affordable item, that I could buy it for myself, or even my 6 year old daughter.  Regardless, I know the receipient would be pleased!
*I also wanted to note that if you go on over to and see something you like in her shop, but have another way you would like it she welcomes custom work!  Can you imagine??  Having a personal jeweler to just make you up whatever your heart desires, and at an affordable price??  It is already nearing the end of July people, start your holiday shopping now!  Stay tuned, I will be posting the giveaway in a bit!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feature: Eldwenne’s Fantasy

To those of you that have been following you know that I have been out for sometime.  Well prior to my injury, I receive a wonderful jewelry set from  The picture below is not the set I received, it is rather, another piece available for purchase in her shop today!  I still have the jewelry set and will reveal it on Friday!  Until that time, I am going to give you a weeks worth of featured items from her gorgeous shop!  Located in Jersey City, she has 100 % feedback, and fantastic customer service.  She has been very kind working with me during my health issues to provide you all with the opportunity to win a fantastic gift set from her shop!

itcamefromtheseaThis piece is entitled “It Came from the Sea”, and it is beautiful!  I love the way the blues, greens, and silver work together for this amazing set!  Priced at $65 it is on the higher end of her items in her shop, but we can certainly see why, with the beautiful combination of glass, crystal, filigree and acrylic beading.  So if you are interested in some beautiful handmade jewelry head on over to Eldwenne’s Fantasy and browse her assortment of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets!  You are sure to find something for you and everyone else you know!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer has been interesting...

Okay, yes she returns my friends, I am back!  I was out for some time over an injury that kept me from using the computer!  OH NO!!!  To anyone that has left a comment, that has gone unanswered, I truly apologize, but the Mr. has done his best trying to keep me posted on what is going on, it did appear that some of you had slipped through the cracks.  You are not alone, as the laundry did as well.....

Anyway, our summer has been crazy around here, and I am finally, 5 weeks out from school starting back.....getting a chance to update you all.  Prior to my injury, we went to San Antonio, and it was a great time.  Took the girls to Seaworld, Cruised the Riverwalk, and checked out The Alamo.  Once we got home, a freak storm came through tat week, and it knocked the tree from the front yard, onto our new truck!!

Fast forward, my injury returns,  it is a chronic muscle spasm.  In my shoulder/neck area...and the Dr. says it is brought on or worsened by get this......poor posture, and that sitting in front of the carrying Bean, sitting in front of the computer, and GASP! Sewing!!!  Well thank you Dr. dear, but that among various household chores is my life, so it has been an ongoing process of pain management.  My oldest, the Actress, she started swim lessons, and they are finally done today!!  She is a super star swimmer now, and Bean just pleads to jump into the pool and swim with her.

Now, If you have made it all the way to this point in the post....Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on....the good news, THOSE OF YOU WHO WON EARTHTOGERT GIVEAWAYS THEY ARE IN THE MAIL.

I also have a Fantastic GIVEAWAY hint, it is jewelry......So please come back if you are looking for something awesome, and I will try to please you!

Thanks again so much for sticking around, and I was just about on the verge of buying that software where you can just talk and the computer will type for you but the Mr. said I was crazy....well tell me something I don't know!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winners of the week!

Congratulations to all the winners of this weeks giveaways!  I decided to announce them in one post so that if you are subscribing to the feed, and hopefully you are.........I am not flooding your inbox! mini purse charm winner:
Sandy Lewand Eco-Scrubby:
Heidi Jane Blankets Lily Notecards:
Ohmillertx Eco Tote:

Congratulations to Everyone!!  Thanks so much and stay tuned for our giveaways next week!
If you could do my a huge favor, and if you won, leave a comment below with your email, this way they are all in one place I would REALLLLY appreciate it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Okay guys this is your last chance to enter the giveaways I will be drawing the winners in the morning.  Please make sure you leave a comment below each item you are entering to win from last week.  ALSO MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING MY BLOG BESTFINDSFROMETSY.BLOGSPOT.COM.  If you enter and are not following the blog, then if your name is chosen, I have to draw again.  You can make sure you are a follower by looking on the side where it says followers and finding your icon or name.  Finally,  I use to draw the winners, and you may win more than one thing, so if there are a few of them you like just enter, you never know...

Good Luck, and P.S.  I moderate the comments, so if it doesn't appear instantly I might be sewing, and PLZZZ! Leave your email address in your comment

Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats Blue Barn Quilts! You Won!

CONGRATS!  You won BlueBarnQuilts!!! Please contact me via etsy convo my seller name is xmadebymamax send me your info and I will send you your picture!  Sorry Sandy, you were 4 minutes late :(!  Thanks all I will be posting one last giveaway in the morning and then announcing all the winners Sunday morning, so if you have not entered the others you still have time!

2 hour giveaway :)!

This is a two hour giveaway.  You will have until 5pm CST to enter the giveaway by being a follower and leaving a comment below about something you love at 's shop.  We are giving away a 10"x10" Original print of Jane's photograph that is GORGEOUS!  It was taken on the Big Sur Coastline in California, and I wish I could just keep it for myself!  Thanks Jane!
I want to note that while prints are not currently available for purchase in her Etsy shop, you can also visit her at for some more of her art.  There are items available for purchase with this image, however, like the eco tote :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Birthday to our glorious Earth!  I have been out most of the day enjoying some beautiful weather with the bean :) and I had to wait to post this video, because my star was at kindergarten :)
Please enjoy her Happy Earth Day song!  and if you would like to win this fablious (Tato’s word) Organic cotton bag sells for $24, become a follower, and leave a comment below!  WINNERS ANNOUNCED TOMORROW on all giveaways, including two bonus giveaways tomorrow that will be short, so you have to come check to win!! (sign up to subscribe so you don’t miss out)!
You can also visit her store for the story behind Jane’s Original Photo on the bag as well as check out her steal of a deal Earth Day Specials including Free Scrubby with Bag Purchase and 50% Surfer Girl tote made from recycled soda bottles!  Be Kind to our Earth and your wallet!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

**GIVEAWAY!** EarthToGert!

Check these out!!  As we count down to Earth Day 2010, we have some fantastic giveaways from Jane @!  Watch the video, and head over to her shop for some more great Earth Day deals, like buy three scrubbies (feature yesterday) get 1 FREE!


MAKE SURE YOU ARE A FOLLOWER TO WIN, if I draw your name on and you are not a follower, I have to move on to the next follower!!  Don’t miss your chance because you didn’t FOLLOW through ;)


Congratulations to Vixensrhythm!  You won the covered notebook from!  Thanks so much to everyone that entered!  Make sure you are "following" the blog by selecting the follow button on the right hand side, and leave me your contact info!  Please contact me via etsy convo Vixensrhythm so that I can get your prize to you!  My etsy name is xmadebymamax :)  Video post in a few with a new giveaway!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonyas Temptations WINNER!!

Congrats to Christine Hansen!  You won the teether!  I will be emailing you shortly to gather your mailing information!

A note to everyone, please make sure you are following the blog by clicking the FOLLOW button, and then leave your comments.  The discounts are open to everyone who reads the page, but the giveaways are only open to followers.  I do not make you jump through a million hoops just to win something, but I do ask for that simple sign of support for the blog! 

Thanks so much! Another winner announced tomorrow, and another giveaway :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay so, here you go, a video!  Now I must confess I was never the girl who wanted to be a news anchor when I grew up.  DON’T JUDGE ME!!  Too harshly anyhow!  Today is the kick off of the Earth Day 2010 week of eco giveaways, and the fantastic Ms. Jane over at is the sponsor!  Go check out all her cool stuff!! And if you want this cool scrubby, follow the directions in the video :)

(HAHAHA) My attempt at a video..

okay…so I am posting a week of videos this week..

I am super camera shy and I wanted to give it a try today for a couple reasons.  1. Have been wanting to add that feature for a while.  2. sent me these adorable purses and my digital camera seems to have grown legs and walked away :) 3.  I need to make sure the camera works for tomorrow, the kick off of the Earth Day Giveaways.

This is the first cut, I am not retaping, no you will not see m today as I desparately needed to get my eyebrows groomed..HAHA!  Enjoy the video, I stutter, and I take heavy breaths, but be kind I was trying to star, direct, video, and be the lighting boom person all at the same time!

If you want to win this, please leave a comment below :)  If you think I am hilarious, LOL and enjoy your laughter!!  Replay it, and laugh some more!  Thanks so much for following me, hopefully you are still following for the rest of the week as we are doing a week of EARTH DAY GIVEAWAYS!! WOOO HOOO!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

VIDEO this week...

So I wanted to let you all know that one of our previous featured sellers, EarthtoGert, who is passionate about Earth Day, has sent me a sampler of the items in her shop to give away!  Yipee!!!  I figured this would be a spectacular excuse for me to introduce myself via video :)  I have been wanting to add a video feature on the blog for a while but I have been extremely camera I have heard, NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!  So I will be posting a video feature of the items by Tuesday (if the family cooperates) and then we will be giving her items away all week!  So please stay tuned, and let me know what you think of the video after it is posted!
P.S. New Giveaway will be posted tomorrow morning :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday TGIF!!

Okay Followers, I am not sure how many of you know this, but I actually have my own etsy store and I have been neglecting it very much so lately.  In fact, neglecting my creative soul entirely.  I am going to take charge today and work on some of my own stuff, and get my store updated so maybe I can make some $$ :)  I hope you are not disappointed that there is not a giveaway today...there is ALWAYS tomorrow, so make sure you come back then to check out what I have going the mean time, you can check out what I made in the weee hours last night by going over here

Thursday, April 15, 2010

***Giveaway*** Thursday Madness Take Two! BlueBarnQuilts!

Okay Followers…who noticed I had the day wrong yesterday?!?!  Please by all means correct me!  Thus is the life of a SAHM, our days bleed together liked the skinned knees off a playground.  Today I am throwing in another giveaway from a fantastically patient and loyal follower who also happens to be an Estyian!  And to my delight a Texan :)  So stop on by Sara’s shop,, and see all the goodness she has going!  With her first love of quilts, she makes some beautiful table toppers, but it does not stop there!  She also crochets, something that I have never been able to figure out, it has frustrated me to the point of no end where like playing a musical instrument, I have realized, we are all given gifts, and mine certainly is not either!  Today, however, I am offering to you her adorable fabric covered mini notebooks!  They are perfect to have in the purse, or car, and by the phone.  I have been trying to coupon very seriously lately and I would use mine for writing down my shopping trips!
They are, like most items I feature, priced perfectly @ $2.50 a piece!  And the most fantastic thing might just be, when you are finished with the notebook it comes with you can easily pick up a replacement at your local office supply store!  So I encourage all of my followers to stop by and check out Sara, the mother, the Texan, the Etsyian @ also check them out of facebook and see all of her great stuff today! And, If you want to win this little beauty, just leave me a comment below with what you are going to use it for and please remember to include your email address or a point of contact so I can find you when you win!! Don’t be greedy, share this with your friends on facebook!  If I spot that you shared using the link to the side, I will give you an extra entry!  Drawing will be in one week so keep coming back! Happy Thursday Take Two!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

***GIVEAWAY***Why Thursday?! TonyasTemptations!

Okay so I have been MIA again for a slight hiatus and truthfully this time I have no one to blame but myself.  The weather has been wonderful here and I have been enjoying that....Also I feel like I have always had a problem when it comes to success..Not that I am not successful by any means followers, rather, that when I am on the brink of getting something I have worked hard for I get distracted and falter.
So that has nothing to do with today's feature at all :) 
However, I do have something that does directly relate.  I have a 16m toddler named Bean and she is into everything recently!  We have for her safety and our sanity moved her to a toddler bed, and that has given her more freedom then she knows what to do with.  I go to get her from her nap one afternoon last week to discover that Bean moonlights as a wood chuck!  Yes, my daughter, sweet and adorable, well fed and healthy, has been secretly chomping away at all things wood in her room!  She has two, I am no liar!  TWO GIANT Totes of every toy a toddler could want and she insists on eating the window sill, the bed, and the baby gate.  AAAH!
So the funny part, and I promise there is a light at the end of this tunnel is that there is a huge 3" chunk I mean you would have thought there was a teething puppy in there, out of the window sill, and then set almost to ironic perfection there was her plastic teether, you know, the kind with water, well it was sitting right there on the window sill unscathed.
I need to find that lady who I had spoken to before about those wooden teethers she makes because obviously my daughter demands the highest quality wood my money can buy!  I give you followers who may have wood chucks of your own,!
Tonya is a SAHM of 3 in MA, and she knows her business!  She makes the most adorable wooden/fabric/sensory hybrid teethers I have seen out there and you have a chance to win one!

Pictured below, they are made from a wonderful mix of textures--
Natural, kiln dried maple wooden ring adorned with eye-catching fabrics and those ribbons that babies love to teeth on! Each one is one of a kind and they are priced perfectly at $8.50!  I will tell you that even if I bought four of these that is cheaper than the fix I am going to have to do in Bean's quarters!  Head over to and check out all of her amazing things!  And fan her on Facebook If you would like a chance to win one of these teethers please leave a comment below telling me who you know that needs it (please include your email address so that I may contact you once you have one)!  I will announce the winner on Tuesday!!   ALSO AS A SPECIAL TREAT IF YOU MENTION BFFE IN COVO PRIOR TO CHECK OUT SHE IS GIVING 15% ANY INSTOCK OR CUSTOM ORDER!!  Thanks Tonya!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yellow Beatle Bugg Cards WINNER!!

Congrats Cindy you won the set of cards!  Please contact me via etsy convo my seller name is xmadebymamax with your info and I will mail them out to you this week!  Thanks so much everyone for playing I will be posting a new giveaway tomorrow!  Today was rough, I had physical therapy and he beat me up..ugh!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Congratulations to you, Domestic Diva!  You wond the fantastic little bean bags!  Please send me an ETSY CONVO, my seller name is XMADEBYMAMAX.  You need to send me your mailing info and your choice of either a "boy" set or a "girl" set!  Thanks for playing everyone!!

***GIVEAWAY*** YellowBeatleBugg's Cards

Happy Monday Followers!  Well, Spring Break is over for us....So today it was back to school, back to work, and for me back to waking up at 6:30am!  I miss that little break I had!  Most of you I think our still awaiting your break, so please take it from me and soak it all up!  Today I am featuring  She makes adorable cards that say all the right things for any occassion!  Very Graciously she sent me a set of 6 notecards to giveaway to you!  Up for grabs is a set of 6 notecards with matching envelopes, below is the picture of one of my favorites!
They are priced comprable to a standard greeting card, but unique and personal.  Just $1.50 per card, and you will not run the embarrassing risk of giving the same card that everyone else bought at WALWORLD!  Thanks so much to for offering up this fantastic giveaway today!  YOU CAN WIN!  JUST LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND I WILL DRAW THE WINNER WESDNESDAY MORNING!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super NEWS!

So sweet followers, I have some sweeeet news!  It looks like I received an overwhelming response from the Etsyians and I will be rolling over the GIVEAWAY SPECTACULAR into next week!  One thing that is important though is that we are being very vocal on the sight.  The more hype you all can create the more likely it will be that we get these generous giveaways!  Thanks to each and every one of you for following, and be sure to comment to let me know you like what I am posting and doing, if there is room for improvement, please let me know that too! 


CONTRATULATIONS TO SANDY!  You won the soap from Natures Muse!  I hope it gets your doggies clean and smelling great!  Good Luck!  And thanks for playing, please send me your info via Etsy Convo ASAP my seller name is XMADEBYMAMAX

Friday, March 19, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** Great for Easter!

Well, St. Pat's is over, and I am sure you have all seen the overwhelming racks of Easter stuff that has actually been hitting the shelves since January!  Well never fear!  Wondermom is here!  Today I am featuring something for baby/kids, although the kid at heart could use them as well.  Over at she has these cute little bean bags!  They can be used for a toss game or mommy can use it for a stress relief :)  The best part is YOU can win them just by commenting below today's post!  I will be announcing the winner on Sunday morning!
You will be winning a set of 3!  Each bag is triple stitched for durability, and they are filled with poly beads that will not dissolve in water.  Yes!  That means you can wash them!  If you do not win, you could always stop on over to and pick up a set, perfect for an Easter basket, that you don't want to fill with chocolate!  Priced at just $5 for three, your babe and wallet will be happy!


Congratulations to Hilary from The Kiddie Korral!  You won the hair clip!  I am sooo jealous!  I thought it was super claim your prize please etsy convo me your mailing info.  My Seller Name is XMADEBYMAMAX!  Thanks so much to everyone for entering, there will be a new post today..just check back in a few...and don'f forget to friend us on facebook!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** Something for the four-legged followers!

A Big Good Day to you all!  I am celebrating Spring Break with the family, and we have had a great time so far!  Today I am featuring something for man's best friend!  Want to win something for your pup's Easter basket?! is a fantastic shop full of soaps for you and your doggies!  Vegan soap that keeps your dog shiny and repels those pesky fleas and MOSQUITOES!  There, I said it!  We all know they are coming!  As soon as the weather gets beautiful and you want to play outside all day those ugly bugs are out to have a buffet on you and your doggie!
Each bar of soap is a minimum of 5 ounces and priced oh sooooo nice at just $4.25!  They use essential oils to make it smell super good to us, but keep the fleas and mosquitoes at bay.  You can check out the other HUMAN friendly soaps they have to offer as well!  Just head over to and get clean....I also loooove that she has the ingredients of her soaps listed, so if you have a allergy there is no guess work!  IF YOU WANT TO WIN THIS BAR OF SOAP FOR YOUR POOCH, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SATURDAY MORNING!
**also a note...the comments are moderated on the site, so if you do not see your post immediately it is not neccessary to leave it again, I am probably just changing a diaper or sewing or something, and will post your comment asap :)

***Winner*** giveaway!

Congratulations to Hilary and Sandy you both won the circlets from Floral.  Please contact me via Etsy Convo with your mailing info.  My Seller name is XMADEBYMAMAX.  Thanks so much and remember you can win more than once so keep coming back!  Also, I am going to do a grand prize giveaway, you have to win during the week to receive an entry!  Good Luck and thanks for following the blog!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** Something Green For St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Yes, I realize you will not receive your awesome clippie until after St. Patty's Day, but hey, why not celebrate all month?!  Today I am featuring!  They have the sweetest hair clips!  The shop is a collaborative effort of two couples who make very affordable and fashionable accessories!  The item below can be yours all you have to do is leave a comment about the item before Friday morning (when I do the drawing) and you will automatically be entered to win!  Want a second entry???  Join the fan page on Facebook and leave a comment there too!
Big girls and little girls will love this cute flower clip!  It is a black rose with glitz all over! This clip has an alligator clip as well as a pin, so you can choose to wear it in your hair or on your shirt or bag as a pin. hasn't forgotten anything!  The details are gorgeous!  The black rose has some sateen opaque petals, as well as some sheer see through petals. Petals are finely edged with emerald green and vivid olive green glitter. Also has green and black and green polka dot maribou feathers, two green gem style beads, rests upon black tulle!  Priced at $5 they are practically giving it away already, but for one lucky follower you are going to win it!  Don't forget to enter!

Tanyaw85 ***GIVEAWAY WINNER***

Contratulations to HeidiJaneBlankets!  You are the winner of the polymer clay Daisy Ring that was featured on Monday!  Please contact me via Etsy Convo with your mailing info. my seller name is XMADEBYMAMAX!  Thanks so much and remember EVERY DAY IS A GIVEAWAY...and you can win as much as you enter...meaning, if you enter, and have already one something I will still count your entry on an even playing field!

Monday, March 15, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** Beautiful Circlets from FLORAL

So it is Tuesday, and guess what?!  Another giveaway!  YAY!  Today I am featuring a bridal and formal shop. specializes in bridal veils and accessories.  Located in Maryland, they pride themselves in being able to provide you a customized experience EVERYTIME.  For the giveaway they are offering 5 of their adorable circlets!  You could use these for a wedding party, or just let your favorite little girls dress up with them!  I know Potato would loooove to dress up in one and pretend she was getting married!


The item pictured above is what is up for grabs, just simply leave a comment below and I will be drawing a winner Thursday soooo Come back and check to see if you have won!  They are priced around $5 in her store, and are composed of wire, organza ribbon and silk flowers, she has some very intricate ones as well!  Also check out the gorgeous veils in the shop! has a very pretty shoulder length tulle veil priced at just $25!  Thanks so much for looking, and thanks so much to FLORAL for the super fantastic GIVEAWAY!

Everyday is a GIVEAWAY!

Okay Good Morning, and HAPPY MONDAY!  I am thrilled to report that this week I have a GIVEAWAY EVERYDAY!  Woooooo Hoooo!  Okay that being said, today we are featuring a sweet little crafter from Kamloops, British Columbia. is a crafter from way back!  She features mostly jewelry, but also has other items on her page.  I am featuring her Daisy Ring.  This little cutie is made from polymer clay and affixed to an adjustable ring base.  I thought it made the most perfect little pop of Springtime!  And you can win it for you little bunny’s Easter Basket!

tanyaw85  Isn’t it super sweet?  Priced under $10 it is a steal!  You want it??  Just leave a comment below and I will enter you in to the drawing.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, and I know you will be back, because there is a GIVEAWAY EVERYDAY this week!  Stop on over to and see what she has to offer, also if you follow her on twitter where she has an item of the day, she will give you free shipping on that item when you purchase it that day!  Thanks Tanyaw85 for keepin’ it SPRING!

**As a side note I am trying to post from my new computer today, it has windows 7 and says this should link right to the blog and make my life easier…we shall see….but if it looks a little funny no worries, I will change it up tomorrow!**

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop the Sweating! Get a Sweater for your H2O Bottle!

Hi, hello!  How ya doing???  It is Saturday here at BFFE and that means I am on my way outside in this beeeaaaaUUUtiful South Texas weather to join my family for a fantastic day in the sunshine!  What is more important than staying hydrated when you are out in the heat??  Besides sunscreen of course!  The shop I am featuring today gives you all sorts of options of being stylish while you hydrate! has the most adorable cozys for you water bottle and can drinks!  I am featuring the Water Bottle Cozy no3 today!  It is birght pink and green with a fantastic flower detail.  So, trying to drink more water?  Trying to be healthy, but just cannot stay motivated???  When you are getting compliments on your snazzy water bottle cozy you will want to bring it everywhere!
It is handmade with 100% Arcylic Yarn, fits 16 or 20 ounce bottles, and can be machine washed in cool water.  Priced at just $10.50, you cannot beat the heat any hotter!  Keep your drink a little cooler, keep your hands a little dryer...and get out there and have some fun!  And if you head over to between now and March 17th, she will give free shipping to our followers when you USE COUPON CODE BFFE PRIOR TO CHECK OUT.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Saved the best for last...Laundry!

Okay so...Laundry is a dirty word in my house.  People scatter when anyone dares to drop the L word like that.  I have tried to make my own laundry soap time and time again.  I would recommend trying to anyone.  I would also recommend that you purchase some homemade soap from someone else if you are not very ambitious!  Here is!  She makes the most fantastic dirty scrubbing vegan laundry soap in Kentucky, and possibly the universe!  Her soap is eco friendly, and doesnt have all of those chemicals found in store bought soap.  Yes, they linger, on your skin, on your children's skin...eeewww... I know!  I am featuring the Lime Vanilla Sugar scented Eco Friendly Vegan Laundry Soap.  This one bag can do up to 30 Large loads of laundry!
Yes!  You can use it in your HE Front Loading washer!  YES!  You can use it in cold water!  Yes!  It smells good, but she also offers unscented!  And Yes!  It is super affordable at $7 a bag!  It takes just a tablespoon to do your whole load of laundry (teaspoon in HE)!  Go by, and do something good for your family and good for the environment!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Save Green and Clean Green! DIY Chemical Free Cleaners!

Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you one of my favoirtes on Etsy!  Over at, you have everything you need to DIY!  Now I know what you are thinking if you have clicked the link...How are they your favorite if they don't even have feedback??  Well, they have another shop on Etsy, under the name Soapwerks, but when I contacted her about this feature, she kindly asked that I redirect you to her new project :)
The featured item today is so fantastic!  A Natural Home Cleaning Kit, that gives you the Essential oils and the recipes you need to create your own cleaners for around the house!  It includes a 2oz. bottle of an essential oil blend of lavendar, eucalyptus, tea tree, and sweet orange.  These have natural antiseptic properties, and a delish clean aroma!  She also includes a supply list and the recipes to make anything you could possibly use to clean your home.
Including: General Purpose Cleaner, Drain & Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Mold & Mildew Eliminator, Garbage Pail Deodorizer, Smells-Good Kitchen Rinse, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Creamy Soft Scrub, Bathroom Deodorizer, No-Wax Floor Cleaner, Carpet Deodorizer, and 10-Product Labels!  All of this for just $17.95!  I know this sounds a little costly for a cleaner, but if you use it to make 10 cleaners...that is just under $1.80 each!  And you get to keep the recipes FOREVER :) also offers just a refill of the essential oils!  AND UNTIL MAY 1ST WHEN YOU MENTION BFFE IN A CONVO PRIOR TO CHECKOUT SHE WILL GIVE OUR FOLLOWERS A 20% DISCOUNT!  Thanks so much for checking out the blog today1  I am very excited to announce that we should be having a giveaway EVERY DAY next week so make sure you are coming back daily!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning = Green Cleaning!

Oh me oh my!  Have you had enough yet?  I am trying to work out the calendar to make this blog ever so efficient!  So I though if we maintained an over all theme each week, it would stream line things.  If you like it leave some feedback, if you like it better the old way, please leave that feedback to!  This is your blog, I am only useful if you read me :)
That being said, today I feature a crafting mother after my own heart!  She sews, check......she is frugal, check....and apparently has the same attitude as I do when it comes to's the inevitable so you might as well make it fun!  Over at, she is making "fun" of chores!  As her story goes, she inherited a swiffer wet jet...yes inherited...because she is frugal see, and would never replace her mop for something that seems more costly...I too inherited my wetjet HA!  And then...She discovered that while they are an excellent tool for quick clean ups and perticularly fantastic when you need to do it quickly...they too have a DIRTY secret!  The stinkin' refills for the wipey pad thingy are soooo expensive!  Not only that, but I have never been able to resue them a second time, why would you want to rub your old dirt around while trying to pick up the new dirt???  Enter todays featured item...
WASHABLE REUSABLE (ECOFRIENDLY) WET JET PADS!  How fantastic are these??!?!  I know that like Sarah, I spent many uncatergorized minutes contemplating how to make my own, because that is just how I roll.  But unlike Wondermom, Sarah has gotten the job done!  Just $8 these little cuties will last you well over the box they sell at the store!  Plus, once you dirty them, toss them in a wash, and dry for next time.  Sarah at says you can either machine dry or hang dry, but I would say hang dry with the whole "green" movement I am trying to push.  Besides you have a back up one, and who is going to wait until you NEED to do the floor to wash them??  She has other fantastic cleaning solutions so be sure to check out her store.  AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR BFFE FOLLOWERS...USE CODE BFFE AT CHECKOUT FOR $1 SHIPPING FROM NOW THROUGH THE END OF MARCH!  Thanks Sarah!  Keep it Green and Clean!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Sexy While You Scrub!

So to go with the Spring cleaning theme, I was searching for some aprons today when I found!  She has the cutest orignal designs in everything from adorable princess dresses for little girls, pinocchio outfits for little boys, to retro aprons for mom!  Nothing gets me excited about doing housework, but if there were something that were gonna do it, it might just be dressing up in this little apron...a throwback to the icecream parlors of the Fifties, the aqua against the red and white stripes screams fun to me!  I especially love her attention to detail with the added rickrack and lace!
Priced oh soooo nice at $30, I think I would even be happy to get it as a gift from my husband!  You don't have to only clean in it!  You can bake or prep dinner!  Or you could even do one of my favorites, put it on, bust out the febreeze (although I make my own, just ask for the recipe) and spray every surface in the house....takes about 20 mins and as long as it smells fresh, they don't realy notice that BabyWonder has about 30 cheerios at any given time under her highchair!  Drop on by, browse her lovely originals, and support a homegrown crafter!  Make sure you check out her blog at!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning is coming...this year do it Eco Friendly!

So with the change in weather slowly knocking on my door, tapping at the window, beckoning me to open and let the fresh air in, I know this can only mean one thing.  Spring.  And with the change in seasonss comes the annual cleaning out and refreshing.  Maybe I was in the cleaning mood when I pounced upon, but I discovered the most fantastic little scrubbies.  She makes them by hand and they are durable to scrub the most difficult stains from your kitchen to your bathroom without scratching or damaging your precious wares.  So all scrubbies can scrub, but the Eco-Scrubby is Machine Washable!  That is right, when it gets too dirty for a rinse, you simply toss it in the washer, and let it air dry!
They come in bright colors, that may just for a second, have you forgeting you are cleaning!  Priced perfectly at $3.75 each, she offers a 3 year warranty on each Eco-Scrubby, testifying that she has used her own personal one for 5 years!  Why not get a few, color code them for kitchen and bathrooms??  I wonder if you could even use them on the car??  At she also offers discounts when you purchase more than one, or discounted shipping, just read the listing prior to purchase, and she is always happy to receive convos with larger orders or requests.  While you are over there check out her really cute "Surfer Girl Bag" too!  Made from recycled soda bottles, you can be practial, fashionable, and eco-friendly!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It is wedding season...looking for something old?

Stop by Sophia's Closet, at , and check out all of the vintage items you could want.  Posting new items daily, they always offer free shipping in the US!  From costume jewelry to vintage toys, Sophia's Closet is bursting at the seams.  I am featuring one of my favorite items, a Sterling Silver Crown Broach.  I thought this would be a very unique piece to give your bride on her wedding day.  It could easily be pinned to a bouquet or garter and make her day even more special!
Measuring just about 3" by 2" it is the perfect size to add just a little something special to any occassion!  So if you are looking for some really fantastic jewelry, some old silverware, supplies for something you create, or that collectible you have not been able to put your finger on in years, please don't wait another second!  Go check out and find that long lost item!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Massage Oil...How appropriate! Plainjaneskincare has you covered!

Thanks for all of your kinds words, but it is now time to get down to business!  The business of Massage Therapy is ironically something I do.  Yes, my posture is poor, yes I am in Physical Therapy right now for muscle spasms..."severe" the doc says, but YES, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist.  So today I give you a fantastic massage oil or body oil!  Maybe it is me wishing my Massage Therapist Caroline were here, or maybe it is the fact that I am working on getting my license recognized in Texas, but whatever the case, this felt perfect for today! is a fantastic little shop that has all sorts of natural things for your body.  I love all of her amazing soaps, but the Body Drench Body and Massage Oil tickled my fancy today!  It is a combination of sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba oils. She has also mixed sweet orange and peppermint essential oils for the fantastic scent that is known to uplift and energize!
This generous 4 ounce bottle is only $8!  What a deal right???  Housed in Holly Springs, GA Jane likes the basics and she has done a fantastic job of making that clear right down to her packaging using this adorable cobalt blue bottle.  So if you are like us and into the simple things visit her shop at or her other shop where she creates kids dress up attire!  Thanks so much for looking today and I will be posting a giveaway on wednesday this week yay!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

cooookie madness

Dearest followers, please let me apologize for not having my usual post this past couple weeks with my neck/shoulder situation and the madness that comes with starting a girl scout troop and our first cookie season, I have been overwhelmed to say the least.  things should be back running next week!!!  Scouts Honor!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet--Jolinne Art print

HAPPY MONDAY! have no idea how good it feels to be able to say that and to be able to feature a new shop for you today.  I am not healed, but I do have PT tomorrow, so I figure...Why not try?? :)
Today I am featuring and Etsian out of Israel.  Her name is Meytal, and her artwork can be found at  She has done an amazing job creating a character named Jolinne who is like most little girls.  Jolinne is sweet, innocent, very imaginative, and most of all inspiring.  She creates cool stuff with her art, including prints, bookmarks, calendars, cards, and magnets to name a few.  Below I am featuring her "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet" print, because I could see my little daughter begging for it for her bedroom, and how could I say no?  At $14 it would be an adorable addition to any princess' palace.
The print measures approximately 7" by 9" and is ready to be framed and proudly displayed.  It is mailed in a protective cellophane and cardstock envelope to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition.  If you like this print, check out some of her others at!  You can follow Meytal on twitter and also become a fan on facebook and receive updates and deals exclusive to her fans!  Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

**WINNER** Congrats to HeidiJaneBlankets!

Congrats to you HeidiJaneBlankets!  You are the winner of the giveaway!  To claim your prize please convo me via Etsy, my shop name is XmadebymamaX.  Thanks so much for everyone who entered, I will be posting something later today.  Once again, I am sorry for my injury that has led me to be not as regular as before, I go see the PT guy Tuesday!  P.S. Sorry Lura, please try next time :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** by the Canterburypottery

Okay, so thanks for everyone hanging in there for me.  I am back on the road to recovery, and going to PT.  Anyhow, enough about me, today....I am soooo excited to offer up a giveaway from!  Pictured below is an delicate hand crafted heart trellis.  She carves each by hand and really spends hours making each one perfect.  The design was originally for an ornament for your holiday tree, but she also notes that when hung in a window, the sun makes a gorgeous reflection on the wall in your home.
Stop on by her shop at and look at the other ones she has to offer as well, including a snowflake and tulip.  She also makes jewelry out of her designs.  To enter for the giveaway, simply make sure you are a follower of the blog, by clicking FOLLOW ME and then leave a comment below.  The winner will be drawn on Saturday so be sure to come back and check!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jwhiz! Awesome Crochet Play Food YUMMMMY!

Happy Monday Followers!  Nothing like a little child's play to start the week off right!  Today I am featuring , she makes jewelry and crochet items.  The play food set featured below is my favorite!  It has a total of 32 pieces of adorable play food for your little one!  The set includes some bread, grapes, jelly swatch, pb swatch, eggplant, lemon, and many more!  She uses both acrylic and cotton yarn, and is happy to answer any questions you amy have.
Priced at $68, she is at the higher end of the price scale, but, unlike those plastic foods and paper boxes you can get from a retail store these items will last a very long time and do not easily succomb to the ravenous teeth of your toddler.  And for our Followers, if you contact her prior to checkout in an Etsy convo and use coupon code BFFE she will sell it to you for $60 or add some extras to the package your wish, WHAT A DEAL!?  So whether it is play food or a pair of fingerless arm warmers, then has you covered!
***She Just contacted me with another offer...she would like to also extend an offer for 5% other items in her store excluding PIFs by BFFE code convo prior to checkout :) Thanks!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello Followers!  I am posting quickly today.  As some of you may know I do Girl Scouts with my oldest daughter and yesterday was cookie delivery day.  Well embarrassingly, I must have moved too many boxes or twisted wrong and I have woken up an injury that was hidden.  My neck and back are in excruciating pain, and I am going to try and get into the doctor tomorrow.  I cannot post until i get this looked at because moving at all is very painful.  I am dictating this to my husband, but I cannot have him do all the post :) Thanks Jon!  Thank you to my followers, I will be back as soon as possible...XOXO Wondermom

Saturday, February 13, 2010

***WINNER*** DyNaMoDuo Feathered Clip

Congrats to you Rachael Brooke Winkley, you are the winner!  Thanks to everyone who tried!  Make sure you are a follower of the blog please for future giveaways, even if you leave a comment you will not get a submission unless you are a follower thanks!  Rachael, please contact me via Etsy convo, my seller name is xmadebymamax, with your info so we can get this sent out!

Friday, February 12, 2010

FUN FRIDAY! Today...thestudentcorner!

Okay Followers!!  Happy Friday!  I do want to say my mom got stuck in Dallas last night...snow fi you can believe it!  I left NJ for Texas so I could get away from it and it is a cool 41' and windy out... But enough about me.
Today I am so proud to feature some student artists.  At, students are able to showcase and even sell their artwork, while this allows them the opportunity to express themselves artistically, it is also a learning tool for them.  Their tutor is also able to show them how to use business skills and computer skills.  What a FANTASTIC IDEA!  Now the artists range in age from 9 to 13 and they have a variety of items.  All the money that they make from selling their items on Etsy goes back to the kids to purchase new art supplies!  Below you will see a little bit of a different format, as I wanted to showcase each child's art, we will have four photos today :)

From Top Left: Keeliana (9yo) wants to spread joy with this drawing, Be Happy.  Super sweet she is jumping for joy!  You can score a free .pdf of this one just by sending a convo on etsy to and mention the Be Happy BFFE .pdf Top Right: Soleil a fairy that loves bathing in the sun, joy, and relaxtaion.  She was created by Nalani 13yo.  Middle:  Cotton Candy Knitted Hat (model's head is 20") created by Sierra 13yo.  Bottom: Leader Wars Game, drawn and created by Kyle (13yo) with instructions, gameboard, and dice.  The students that run this store are both homeschooled and some public school, they enjoy a variety of activities as you can see, and their tutor runs a blog where you can see more at where Shawna has posted cool projects and activites you can do at home with your kids!  Thanks so much kids for your fantastic artwork it is an inpiration to us all!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday...Love is in the Bottle??

It is almost Valentine's Day Followers...and while I have tried not to over load the blog with hearts and I could not resist this unique gift.  It is the 2 My Love/Love Letter Bottle.  Want one??  Head on over to and see all of the variety he has to offer.  Pictured below is his handcrafted recycled wine bottle has the words " 2 MY LOVE " sandblasted on the face of the bottle. It includes an 8 1/2" by 11" parchment paper Blank LOVE LETTER  for you to transcribe your personal message to your loved one.
Alright kiddos, you know I would not be featuring this if it wasn't at a fantastic price point, just $30 with shipping to the US FREE!!  And if you are wondering why you shouldn't just down your own bottle of wine and get the glass etching paste out, I say unto thee...For one, it is only 7:55am a little early for my wine thank you very much, and two, Ross uses a sandblasting technique that has a more finished look.  So go on over to and check out all of his work, including vases and mirrors as well!  Please don't be thrown off by his no feedback, he has had his shop since November 2009, and like most of us have he is probably just waiting for that first internet sale, to give him the feedback he deserves!  Ross would like to offer an exclusive discount to our follower, use coupon code BFFE in convo prior to checkout and get your 10% discount!  Have a happy Thursday, Wondermom is awaiting the arrival of her mom :) and baby sis!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

***GIVEAWAY*** DyNaModuo Monique Feathered Clip!

Okay, so today followers I present thee, my latest greatest catch!  I was out on one of my fishing expeditions and discovered! I have been very excited about this shop for weeks counting down the days like it were Christmas or summer vacation!  Dana of DyNamoduo has so graciously offered a giveaway, which amde the deal all the more sweeter!  They hail from the Milwaukee, Chicago, Wisconsin area, and have been selling their fabulous accessories on their etsy store since September 2009.  I love this clip, and I wish I was eligible to win it, but I don't count myself in on the giveaways!  Pictured below is the Monique Feathered Clip, and it can be used to dress up your hair ANY day of the week, for the office, for the night out, you could even clip it to your coat to spice it up a bit.  Measuring at approximately 4" long and 3.5" wide, it is just enough "flair" without going GaGa :)
And the best part, you could win this for free!  just leave a comment below, and I will automatically enter you into the drawing with the winner anounced on Saturday!  But, let me tell you, if you do not reason to be heart broken because you could have a similar piece for PENNIES!  Everything @ is so reasonably priced, and not prefab like you get in the stores!  Nothing like going to get a great accesory to make you stand out at dinner, and then the waitress is wearing the same one!  These little clips are priced around $10 a piece!  So go check it out, and buy one for you sister too!  They also carry necklaces, scarves, rings, bracelets.....follow them on twitter for updates on the newest items!

***WINNER*** Earrings!

Miralong777! Congrats! You won the earrings!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and if you are wondering how the winners are chosen, I count up the comments (minus me, bummer) and then I put those numbers into and it gives me the random winner!  Miralong777 to claim your earrings you need to contact me via Etsy Convo, my seller name is xmadebymamax with your personal information :)  Thanks again, and look for todays feature....I AM SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!!!  Almost makes me wish I was the follower and not the moderator xoxo!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something Off the Wall! Angelshair gives us the unusually beautiful...

Okay Followers, today I give you a creative crafter out of Brooklyn, NY.  Miriam from has so many neat items in her shop!  Originally, I was going to feature one of her prints...but today when I was looking over her items, to get just the right picture, I noticed she had posted NEW STUFF!  So, also in keeping up my ongoing effort not to be repetitive, I have chosen to feature this quirky little Wall hanged photo display....perfect for your photos you all bought yesterday...:) see you are learning!  Pictured below is her red one, but she has other colors too.  While all her items are handmade, there are still standard measurements, and those are approximately 16" high by 10" wide, and holds 9 photos.
Priced at $27 it would be the perfect addition to any family room, or college dorm.  I also thought it would be fantastic for the holidays to display all of those holiday cards you get!  Don't just sit them on the counter to clutter your house...display them and honor the thoughtfulness and time someone put into sending it to you!  Go on over to and check out all her cool stuff...I also happen to like the earring trees she does, they have a similar look to the wire work on the wall, but also functional...OH how I LOVE FUNCTIONAL ART!  Have a VERY Happy Tuesday, I am off to plan my GS Meeting :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spotted! Check out these AMAZING PHOTO PRINTS!

So, I must confess some of the items I find on Etsy, are not from me spending countless hours pouncing undiscovered shops.  And, as the BFFE grows, I get some people through refferal, so if you have someone you heart, please send me a private convo @ xmadebymamax.  But, I have alos been "fishing" for great finds via their alchemy request feature.  Now some of these expeditions, like fishing in real life bring no reward at all (sorry to admit it, but it is true, not all crafters were created equally, and some are not up to the standard I want to show you here on my blog.)  However, there are some pretty amazing catches I make and is one such catch!  She is an avid follower of the blog, but also a true creative mastermind :)  Finding words throughout our daily life, the joyful, the mundane, she captures them and sheds an entirely new light on the everyday beauty that surrounds us.  Pictured below is a set of five 4" by 6" prints and she will let you use any letters you choose, priced at $15, you simply could not DIY for less!  Okay so if you honestly think that is too much I encourage you to go hunting through your town for all of the letters you are looking for, cost of paper and ink, and then...when you have spent $50, you will be wishing you had just heeded my advice :)

She offers notecards as well and due to the nature of her medium will pretty much welcome any custom order you are looking for.  Check out her blog at!   What a fantastic house warming gift for a new home buyer, or a unique gift for your boss or teacher.  Why are you still reading my ramblings??  If you have not gone over to yet you need to go ahead, but please mention coupon code BFFE prior to checkout for an exclusive followers discount of 10% from now through 6/30/2010!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

***WINNER*** coasters!

Congrats to you, The Hager Family, good thing they match your family room because they are going to be living there!  Please contact me via email etsy convo with your address so she can send them out to you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

**GIVEAWAY** Get some booty from!

Check out this super cute Jolly Rodger Booty Pendant from!  Pictured below is the coolest necklace I have seen in a while and I am only sharing it with you because I think it is that awesome, and there is enough to go around :)  The listing reads that this is a very large cameo (40mmx30mm) set in vintage silver toned setting and hangs from a thick silver toned chain (7x6mm cable chain) measuring 18" long. A swallow adorns this necklace (hanging at choker length) above the skull and cross bone cameo with banded and black onyx beads.  And you know it MUST be priced just right or else I wouldn't feature it, so for a mere $22 it could be all yours...and even better, she is offering a 10% discount to my followers if you use coupon code BFFE at check out!

Also, because they are sooo generous over at, she is also offering us a free giveaway of these dainty tupi earrings.  If you would like to put these on your ears for FREE, simply enter to giveaway by leaving a comment below, and the drawing will be held on Wednesday the 10th, so make sure you come back to claim your prize!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what fantastic crafters I have found!!